Social Media Etiquette

Believe it or not there is such a thing as social media etiquette. If you are trying to sell goods and services on social media there are somethings that you need to know. Most of it is common sense but we all know that common sense isn't common because if it were we'd all have it. This post might pertain to Instagram because that's where I interact with a lot of my followers and who I follow.

1. Don't tag a potential client under someone else's post/picture to show them what you can do. It's not your work and it's RUDE! Please take a screenshot and then DM or text them.

2. If you are just starting out in any field try not to ask questions under the post of those you follow; ask if you can DM them first and more than likely they will answer your questions.

3. Don't ask anyone to like your page or follow you. Just like their pictures and make a few nice comments here or there and they will notice you.

4. Don't bully your followers into liking your last 5 pictures; uuuuuugh I hate that and it's obnoxious. I un-followed this one person on Instagram because of this. She has a huge following by the way and I'm sure she could care less but who wants read that crap all the time.

5. Don't ask someone where did they get something and not like the post your questioning; you have to give to get.

In my opinion I these 5 rules are the basics and will keep you from making social media missteps.

#Instagram #socialmedia #etiquette

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