Cake Lace Fun or Funds?

Cake Lace is a relatively new product that allows you to add edible lace to any cake, cake pop, cookie and any other treat you can think of. Cake Lace adds total elegance to everything you make. I was introduced to it at CakePop Con 2015 and was intrigued and intimidated but I bought a mat and Claire Bowman's cake lace anyway. I threw it in my bag with the rest of my haul and a few weeks after CPC I decided to play around with it. There were a few steps involved and wondered if I should continue but I did because it wasn't cheap (about $30) and didn't want to waste my money. After I mixed it up and got the consistency I needed I had to spread it all over the mat and into all the nooks and crannies. Now you can either let the cake lace sit out overnight and let it dry or you can put it in the oven at the temperature I decided to put it in the oven because I was too excited to wait until the morning. I thought I followed the directions but I burned the cake lace the first time because I left it in the oven too long, ughhhhhhhhh! I tried again right after the "burnation" and had much better results. The lace is very flexible and doesn't really taste like anything so it doesn't take away from the flavor of the cake.

I also tried some pre-mixed cake lace from Cake Craft (purchased on Amazon) it comes in gold and silver for the low, low price of $19.99 per color and I bought them. The mats vary in sizes and styles aaaaaaand in prices; some mats go up to $50 but I'm not ready to spend that amount of money on one mat. There are cheaper mats that you can get from Ali Baba and as long as you don't need them right away that might be the place to order from. Cake lace is worth the time and effort because of what it adds to your cakes. I will continue to try different cake laces and maybe make a homemade one and buy more mats just in moderation.

#cakelace #mats #gold #silver

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