My Favorite Cake

This is my favorite cake and I will tell you why. It's my favorite because I loved the concept of the cake; it was for a gender reveal and I was the only one who knew what the sex was of the baby! I was also given a copy of the invitation and was told to do whatever I wanted as long as it went along with the concept of the occasion. I found the paper that I covered the board with at Michael's, I purchased the hexagon cookie cutters from Fat Daddio's via my Prime account on Amazon. I bought the tappits ages ago and the wafer paper flowers were made a few weeks earlier as practice and were perfect for the cake. I think this was the first cake that I made since I had stopped making cakes maybe more than two years ago. I will talk about my return in the future but right now I just wanted to talk about this beauty (in my eyes). I downloaded a Twitter app called Periscope in May of 2015 and I was automatically following all the bakers that I followed on Twitter and was hooked. Those bakers were sharing their techniques (for free) and I started to like caking again. One of my favorite scopers was Kara Bustos/SiftbyKara; actress turned AWESOME CAKE DECORATOR and she became my mentor in my head. I listened and watched her prep for cakes and soaked in a lot of her knowledge. So I applied what I gleaned from her to my cakes and this beauty emerged. The frosting is Swiss Meringue Buttercream and the cake ended up being...wait for it.....a BLUE velvet cake...a BOY! The parents loved it and I was hired to make the baby shower and the christening cakes! I'm hoping to get his 1st birthday cake and then I'll be considered his personal baker, lol! So this is my favorite cake because I prepped and was happy with the results that brought me back to caking!

#cake #swissmeringuebuttercream #fondantaccents #waferpaperflowers #bees

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